Things that we love, all combined!

Having a hobby or a job such as cosplaying is one of the best things that you can experience in your life. There are many reasons why is that, one of them is because the community of cosplay is super friendly and helpful. If you have never done any cosplay in your life, then we strongly recommend trying it out because it will change your opinion about the entire cosplay scene. A lot of people connect cosplay with only anime and they think that it is stupid to dress up as an anime character, but there is much more than just anime that people don’t know about.

Dressing up as a fictional character like a superhero that you like is just the first step of cosplaying, you also have to change your mindset and become that character mentally. If you are still not a big fan of cosplay, then continue reading and you just might change your mind.

Making New Friends

As mentioned above, the cosplay community is something completely unique and everyone is very friendly oriented. You will have an easy time making new friends when you visit some cosplay show. Definitely the greatest thing about the entire cosplay hobby is that you get to meet new people each time you are cosplaying. When you meet people at a cosplay show, you will easily connect with them because usually, everyone has the same or similar interests. If nothing else, you can start talking about cosplay.

The interesting thing about cosplaying is that there are a lot of women who like to dress up. Usually, people would think that cosplaying is just for nerds, but you will be surprised when you come and see exactly how many female cosplayers there is.

Becoming Your Favourite Character

If you are wondering why people are into cosplaying, well there is no better explanation than imagining yourself as your favorite character.  Remember it can be anything and anybody, from an anime, movie or even a video game. There are no limits to the costume that you will be wearing. Also, you have the option to make yourself the costume or if you don’t have time or will, you can easily purchase one. However, in order to get the full experience, you have to mentally change and let the character take over you. Only then you will understand the hype that is behind this great hobby.